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Monica Shields, LAc, founder of Spring Tide Acupuncture, has been practicing gentle, effective and individualized acupuncture care in the Mid-Coast area since 2010.

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Monica is Board Certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Dipl. Ac.) and holds a Master's degree in Acupuncture from the New England School of Acupuncture in Newton, MA.


Monica grew up on North Haven and returned to this area with her family in 2009, opening Spring Tide Acupuncture in 2010. Prior to returning to the midcoast, Monica was part of a team of NIH-funded researchers investigating the effects of acupuncture on chronic pelvic pain in adolescent young women. She co-authored two papers discussing the results of this trial.


A firm believer in an individualized approach to medicine, Monica takes extra time with her patients to fully understand their particular imbalances so that she can formulate an acupuncture treatment that addresses not only the symptoms but also the roots of the symptoms.


With over 15 years of experience, Monica is committed to providing compassionate, gentle and effective care for her clients.





"Monica has mastered the art of treating patients long term and through extenuating circumstances. She is an incredible diagnostician and support system. I began seeing Monica for symptoms that I had been experiencing and within the first session she had the greater issued pegged. After being diagnosed with Stage 3 Melanoma, Monica was essential in my ability to heal from surgeries and chemo. It's because of her that during the worst medical time of my life I was able to get through both emotionally and physically. I'm now an acupuncture junkie with no hope of recovery - and for that I'm eternally grateful. Monica plays and integral role in my ability to care more effectively for my ongoing health. I'd be lost without her." - Licia M.


"Recently I asked Monica if she could help me on pain that I have had for years on the back of my knees. My doctors and physician assistants in the past have suggested me stretching my leg muscles (didn't help) and another prescribed a gel (which did help by using nightly, but the warning label gave me some concerns).  After my second acupuncture treatment, I am no longer using any pain relief creams, gels, or ibuprofen. My body is showing positive results from acupuncture. After having weekly appointments, my appointments will be stretched out further and further apart depending on my body, but well worth it to be pain free. I am so glad that Monica was recommended to me!" - Barbara L.


"Monica is an endearing and intuitive soul. She takes the time to truly listen while offering nurturance and care. Thank you!" - Jennifer C.


"Monica is a truly gifted acupuncturist. I had the majority of the meniscus removed from my knee and had been in discomfort from swelling for over 2 years following the surgery.  From our initial consultation, Monica understood my symptoms and was thorough and compassionate about explaining the process that would be involved. After several treatments, my knee feels great again and I look forward to monthly acupuncture sessions as part of my wellness routine." - Cyndi P.


"Six months ago I came to a crossroad. The stress and anxiety associated with my career had become unhealthy. My decision was to either find a new career or find a way to make the current one tolerable. A friend suggested that I meet Monica. I had never had acupuncture before and am usually skeptical of the unknown, but I was desperate so I made an appointment. The first time I met Monica, I was instantly put at ease. She is gentle, kind and compassionate, and she listened…really listened. I was shocked and amazed at how much better I felt after just one session. I am thrilled to say that she has reduced my anxiety tremendously, and has enabled me to keep my career on course. Monica has also made neck and shoulder pain from a pinched nerve, a thing of the past. I don’t know how I ever lived without Monica…I’m a true believer…and her biggest fan." -Sue L.H.


"Before finding Spring Tide, I had visited many different chiropractors, and physical therapists to try and alleviate the constant pain and stiffness in my neck from an accident. After only one treatment my range of motion increased and my pain exponentially decreased. Monica really cares about her patients and has incredible bedside manner. Not only has my neck pain dissipated but I have noticed positive changes in my mood, energy levels and digestion." - Alissa H.



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The theory of acupuncture is based on the theory that all systems, our bodies included, rely on a dynamic balance between opposite yet complimentary forces. In a healthy body, energy (referred to as qi) is balanced and flows smoothly through specific pathways referred to as meridians. The qi that flows in meridian continues on into the organ systems. When there is an imbalance along one of the meridians or within an organ system, symptoms of disease or pain develops. The goal of acupuncture therapy is to restore the proper flow of qi through the body, thereby restoring health. Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of hair-thin needles along specific points on the meridian in order to restore proper qi flow, allowing for optimal health and well-being.



Cupping is an adjunct therapy used often in Traditional Chinese Medicine to relieve surface tension and increase the flow of blood, lymph and qi in the muscle tissue. In cupping, a vacuum is created between the skin and a glass cup. Cupping is an incredibly useful tool to relieve pain and tension in stiff muscles. The process almost always leaves a slightly reddened to darkly colored area where the cups have been. Depending on the depth of stagnation in the muscle tissue, this coloration may take 3-7 days to fade completely.




Moxibustion, most commonly referred to as "moxa" refers to the process of warming acupuncture points by burning the herb, artemesia (mugwort) over them. Often, this is done indirectly by holding a "moxa pole" over the meridian or acupunture point. The purpose of this treatment is to expel cold and increase the flow of qi and blood to the area. In some studies, moxibustion has been shown to initiate an immune response and is therefore used to prevent or shorten the duration of colds and flus. Other studies have suggested that moxa may encourage healthy blood counts for patients undergoing chemotherapy.



Gua is translated from Chinese as "to rub" or "friction". Sha is a term used to describe congestion of blood as the surface of the body. When using the gua sha technique, your practitioner uses a tool to repetitively rub the surface of the skin where there is stagnation so that the sha rises to the surface of the skin. Gua sha moves stuck blood and promotes circulation to the tissues. Often, gua sha produces immediate results, allowing better movement and reduced pain in stiff muscles.




(207) 701-8198 

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Spring Tide Acupuncture is currently accepting new patients and referrals. To expedite the new patient process we have placed our intake forms online for your convenience


To schedule an appointment, please take a moment to either fill out the contact form below, give us a call us at (207) 701-8198 or send us an email. We will contact you immediately to set up an office visit.


For all new patients, and existing patients who haven't had an appointment in the last twelve months, please download, complete and bring these forms to your first session. This will expedite the new patient process. 


If you have insurance please check with your insurance provider about your coverage. If you are covered, Spring Tide Acupuncture will provide you with invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Spring Tide Acupuncture does not work directly with insurance providers and patients are asked to pay at the time of treatment. 





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